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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere

"el hierro" in the Phrasebook:
They that live by the sword shall die by the sword.
Quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere

Geologic events take worrisome turn
on Canary’s El Hierro Island

HAARP ring outbreak across entire central USA

Double earthquakes: 5.3 off the coast of Oregon and 6.1 strikes near Bali, Indonesia http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/double-earthquakes-5-9-off-the-coast-of-oregon-and-6-0-strikes-near-bali-indonesia/


Sierras see shortest summer in 40 years
La Niña to drop harsh winter weather over parts of Canada

"A revelatory report released by The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, has stirred controversy in the natural foods marketing arena by highlighting abusive marketing practices by some of the nation’s largest breakfast cereal manufacturers. In some cases, companies such as Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats (PepsiCo), Barbara’s Bakery and Whole Foods Market are selling products contaminated with toxic agrichemicals and Monsanto’s genetically engineered organisms while promoting them as “natural.”" http://foodfreedom


The Most Criminal Regime in US History

Carney On Secret Kill List:
"Not Going To Engage In A Conversation About That"

overlooked and blocked
by the main stream media,
The U.S. Congress,
& The United States Senate.


forged signatures & the flushing sound of AMERICA

Defining Health Benefits and Defining Away States' Rights


Sufi mystic Hasan Shushud predicted Medjugorje