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Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Duplicity, deception and desensitizing…..rinse and repeat.'

‘HAARP ring’ frequency explosion in the southeast USA .. FL, GA, AL, TN, SC, NC, VA also TX again sincedutch

Growing tension along Cascadia subduction zone:
Washington rattled by series of tremors

* * * * * * *

"this has all been a very cleverly timed (not spontaneous at all) and has so far done a wonderful job of keeping the masses from focusing on “the big lie” surrounding “Fast and Furious” and thousands of military weapons being deliberately given to the worst of the worst of the Mexican drug cartels, which hav now killed a US Border Agent, as well as many hundreds of people in Mexico – many innocent civilians included.
Can any of you actually imagine the mass media reaponse if these incompetent and dangerous action had been taken by a Republican administration???
This is the highest level study of diversionary PsyWar efforts we may ever see firsthand – so study it and pay attention, let it prepare you for the much worse example to come, so that you may spot them easily and quickly, and not be confused or deceived."
LVB @ vigilantcitizen

"I was spreading this the first week, but ever since I started realizing tha the area was completely big brothered, I got myself out of there. There Are Feds patrolling the area, Taru agents, Counter Terrorism Unit… Taru unit records the Rallies and I feel “THEY” have set this up to once again infiltrate the patriot movement. " TruthurtsQNZNY @ VC

here are Mr. Chris Hedges' 'REAL CONSERVATIVES':
'One, Edward T. Hall III, 25, was barefoot and dressed in loud, multicolored tights. He wore a beaded American Indian necklace and New Age jewelry, with a baseball cap pulled sideways over his long hair.' http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/14/opposite-sides-of-the-protest-come-together-briefly/

'put the bong down dude, & walk away': OCCUPY LA
'and the "elevator music" soundtrack was killer!'

here's 'One, Edward T. Hall III, 25' in a drug-induced OWS_RAVE This whole “movement” is such a crock.

meanwhile: 'Obama apparently had a master plan to fund “green energy,” then pass stifling anti-energy measures that would drive up the cost of traditional energy (oil and gas), thereby assuring the alternative energy sector’s success.' http://floydreports.com/house-investigates-if-solyndra-was-a-crime/


"Today I have seen a miracle.
It was very much like moving a mountain. I went this morning to visit the Grand Imam of AI Azhar. I arrived a bit early and I waited at the office of his advisor. While waiting I saw a bearded Muslim man in his 50's who came to present a proposal to the Grand Imam's advisor. He said, "I am a Muslim and I live between Tahrir Square and Maspero. I came here to witness that the spirit of hatred against Christians has increased a lot. On the night of the 9th of October when the killing of Christians took place, I met a group of people who were searching for Christians to beat after they heard that Christians attacked the army."
The man added, "Hatred is on the rise and I came to witness for this." He proposed then that AI Azhar must respond to all the thoughts that promote this hatred towards Christians. He also said that, "I and a group of Muslim writers and artists are happy to devote our time in order to combat this hatred against Christians. We have a list of books we must respond to and correct the false teachings towards Christians."
The advisor of the Grand Imam said to him, "this is a very good idea. Why don't we have the idea written and I will present it to the Grand Imam."
I did not believe my ears! A group of Muslims are disturbed by hatred of Christians and want to combat this hatred! !!!
To me, this was a miracle!" via Spiritdaily

The accomplishments of Martin Luther, prince of the heresiarchs - Part Two: "Solus Lutherus" http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2011/10/accomplishments-of-martin-luther-prince_15.html

"Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who have assisted in delivering the spiritually oppressed have noted that one way to tell a demonic manifestation from another condition, such as multiple personality disorder, is that the prior tends to be very interested in sex and maliciously, sadistically so."
Islam and Sexuality

“Spiritual brotherhoods are pledged to Wisdom and guiding humanity towards the realm of the Infinite; Political brotherhoods [are comprised] of power-seekers who cloak their manipulative agenda in darkness. "
The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events