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Monday, October 24, 2011

chemtrails over Boston area: "you are initiating your own demise, and it is going to be Biblical. " LC

the sky was checkerboarded by them this morning, & now, the sky is that silver-shining-glow which means rain/serious rain/no sun. I don't know who or what these people who do this are about...but I pray that the Blood of The Lamb will cover us. I am weary before God Almighty. maranâ' thâ' !! I am weary of people who don't understand what they are looking at, who don't want to know.

Another exclusive, as if anyone give a rat's ass.
"OK, this blog has uncovered that Monsanto has criminally created a product not only endangering people, fauna and flora in their genetically modified soybeans, but has created in this algae spliced poison something which is endangering the food supply of America with fire.
As most are urbanite, they will not comprehend odd things, like God made straw in crops to not ignite at low temperatures. Sort of makes sense in if grass which is the base of most crops would start on fire at low temperatures, the result would be entire fields burned up.
God has been good in this, that even lightning does not start fields of grain on fire, but it will start forests on fire........most of those forests though contain petrol resins.
So in this new frankenfood creation Monsanto has violated numbers of God's Law and the result is a food supply which will burn up. This is criminal, because if clothing manufacturers produced clothes which started on fire, they got into criminal trouble............the carpet and furniture busineses also readily had to produce products which did not burn as easily.....yet Monsanto with the Obama regime is burning up farmers equipment, endangering the farmers, burning up fields in wildfires and puting the entire community at risk.
I have first person accounts of these fires in farmers literally say they try to salvage things out of the cab of the combine and the inferno spreads so fast that they barely get out alive.
Added to this, is the fact these massive combines carry a several hundred gallon supply of diesel fuel. Could you imagine in Obamaworld, if those combines had methane, hydrogen, gasoline or propane? That would be a bang heard around the country.
No one is bringing this to light as usual, as this exclusive has uncovered thee greatest threat to farmers is Monsanto auto ignition soybeans.
Once again this is criminal, in Monsanto has produced a product that is knowingly endangering people and property, and becaue they own Congress and Obama, this reckless homicide is not arrested.
Here are a few links to prove the point."

The Dark Side Of Halloween:
The Kind Of Stuff That Real Life Nightmares Are Made Of
"Once again this Halloween, there will be cats, dogs and other animals that will be tortured and/or sacrificed."

Merciful Father
accept my request
that You will quash
the persecution
being planned
by very evil people
for ordinary men, women & children....
Eliminate the persecution O Lord.

Send a Legion of Angels to protect us,
Your Faithful, & all that You have created,
& from all eyes, Remove the blindness
that cannot know You.

amen, amen.