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Monday, August 8, 2011

"We Are Advising Our Clients To Put Everything Into Canned Food And Shotguns", & LONDON IS ON FIRE!!!

O Blood and Water
that gushed forth
from the Heart of Jesus
as a fountain of mercy for us,
I trust in You.

Eternal God,
in whom mercy is endless
and the treasury of compassion --- inexhaustible,
look kindly upon us
and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments
we might not despair
neither shall we become despondent,
but with great confidence submit ourselves
to Your most holy will,
which is Love and Mercy itself.

to pray @ your computer


"We Are Advising Our Clients To Put Everything Into Canned Food And Shotguns"

Black Monday: Dow plunges -600 points in volatile trading

83% Say Time for Everyone in D.C. to Go!
But options are thin, when considering solutions:

~ The Executive Branch is run by international socialist dictators
~ The Judicial Branch is nothing more than a Gestapo for the evil administration
~ Justice and Homeland Security is a joke, focused only on capturing patriotic citizens
~ Congress is nothing but a rubber stamp for Democratic Socialism
~ The press is only the fog horn of the extreme socialist left
~ Academia is a brain-washing machine for anti-American sentiments
~ And entertainment is a propaganda machine for Marxism

"The debt is not out of control because we tax too little,
it’s because we spend too much. The debt is growing much faster than the economy and Washington refuses to do anything about it — and that is the primary reason for the S&P credit downgrade."


In Vote of "No Confidence" Bank Stocks Hammered Mercilessly - Why Shouldn't They Be?
Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bankrupt



Taitz v.Ruemmler FOIA Complaint Docketed
w/Chief Judge Lamberth


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"its no longer over the police shooting. These are riots caused by morons who want to burn and steal shit" MrKhayos

London riots: live

Live From London

internet radio/London's main non-BBC station:
via Juniper in the Desert@astuteblogger

Epitaph of Britain

The method of black wildings,
seen in every country on earth with a black population


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Fears of Suicide Surge in Japan's Tsunami Zone

Japan's Tsunami Zone

voanews/Fears-of-Suicide-Surge-in-Japans-Tsunami-Zone via theextinctionprotocol

NHK WORLD / Japan Broadcasting Corporation


photo by Italian astrophotographer Lorenzo Lovato