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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Satellite Morphed Composite Anomalies Worldwide / INTENSE HAARP RING in Hurricane Irene = weather modification

Screenshots.. 250am CDT ..
HURRICANE IRENE down to catagory 1

Irene Lands in N.C., 115-mph winds, Mid-Atlantic Next

Prayer against Storms
'My children know this. My army of followers is growing daily because of these messages. This will grow into an army of millions soon. I call only on those who are brave enough to take up My gauntlet. Bravery stems from love. One man’s interpretation of bravery will differ to another’s. I simply ask you to tell the world of My love. Remind them of the truth contained in the Holy Scripture. Tell them I am returning to offer the great gift of My Mercy soon. For if I were to come to judge so soon in your world Heaven would be deserted so widespread is sin today. '
to Maria ~ 8/23/11 @ 11:45pm

via dutchsinse / Strange microwave anomaly = possible Hurricane Irene weather mod

INTENSE HAARP RING in Hurricane Irene
= weather modification

10,000 earthquakes in swarm reported on German-Czech border- magma on the move say geologists

Battle in the Desert –
Govt Forces Numerous Homeowners Off Their Lands
"Just because you hold the deed to a piece of land doesn’t mean that you own it. These days, we are faced with an ever- increasing presence and implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan and eminent domain laws. If you become a political target on any number of levels, various tax laws can be used against you in order to strip you of your real estate, your homestead and your dreams."


The Obama Hustle
http://theobamahustle.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/%E2%80%9Cquestions-answered-for-the-obama-104500-00-%E2%80%9Cbuffer-zone-a-gift-from-rita-rezko-to-the-trust/ "Most importantly there has been no proper assessment for the “buffer zone”, as per the Assessor’s Office in Cook County, creating a fraudulent real estate transaction and a tax evasion event that has not been discovered until now as it pertains to the $104,500.00 lot that has basically disappeared. Again, the Obama’s own nothing, and yet the City of Chicago is spending Millions of dollars annually in man-hours on security for a house that the Obama’s do not own."

"There is tax fraud, illegal land transfers without assessment, illegal use of shadow structures to obtain a low interest loan for an almost 2 million dollar mansion when you are a millionaire........as those kinds of loans are meant for poor people, and not Obama millionaires, "


Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Allows Mexican Military Across US Border to Conduct Raids

credibility and facts in mind, let’s take an empirical, reality-based look at economic life in America during the Age of Obama:
via giveusliberty1776

"In a move clearly supporting the dire warnings of a Barack Obama race-based re-election campaign, President Obama places just outside the Oval Office perhaps the most controversial painting to ever reside within the White House." The Ulsterman Report:
President Obama Places "N*gger" Painting in White House


Her adversaries are become her lords,
her enemies are enriched:
because the Lord hath spoken against her
for the multitude of her iniquities:
her children are led into captivity:
before the face of the oppressor.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
return to the Lord your God

'Come. Bow your heads. Push your shame aside and ask Me to forgive you now. Nothing shocks Me children. No sin is so grave that it cannot be forgiven by Me if true remorse is shown. Do not delay. Seek redemption now before it is too late. '
to Maria ~ 8/23/11 @ 11:45pm