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Friday, August 12, 2011

"a private company part of the Bilderberg group that holds billions of people by the balls"

"If more of you ask for My Mercy for these sinners then the impact of the Evil One’s deeds will weaken considerably. This is the secret My children in diluting Satan’s hatred as it spews forth like the fire from a dragon’s mouth in an attempt to engulf the world in its hateful vapour. ...the speed of global events leading up to The Warning, as foretold, continues to escalate.
Prayer, My children, is essential now"

Maria Devine Mercy, August 10th, 2011 @ 11:00pm


Quake shakes Japan's Fukushima, no tsunami alert - NHK

Illinois Shutting Down Artisan Ice Cream Maker for Crime of Using Fresh Fruit (not irradiated)
"Something’s wrong with the fact that health departments are pushing businesses to produce processed food rather than fresh, locally-sourced food,"

Hyper-active stunner:
4 low - pressure systems form off the coast of Africa

Hundreds of birds found dead in Broken Arrow, Ok

5.2 magnitude earthquake in Xinjiang, China

Alaska volcano erupting with lava streams from crater

Agrochemicals, energy plants & GMO crops killing Bathinda residents
"Over a million people live in the Bathinda District, known as the cotton belt of Punjab – as in genetically modified cotton sprayed with toxic agrochemicals. As a result, the area has also been plagued by high rates of spontaneous abortions, cancer, genetic deformities, anemia, diarrhea, vomiting, fluorosis, bone problems, and a host of skin ailments including rashes and boils."

Death by civilization: Why China’s cities are sinking

via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond



Visa’s “Just Wave and Go” Commercial
aka The Human Cattle in a Cashless Society

http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/visas-just-wave-and-go-commercial-aka-the-human-cattle-in-a-cashless-society/ "a private company part of the Bilderberg group
that holds billions of people by the balls"

Truth and public safety be damned,
rioters are first and foremost Democrat voters!

"if the Tea Party wants an issue, let it be dump the upscale welfare recipients back where they belong on their families as welfare in all forms was for people who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. Make the people who can afford it, take care of their own family members as that is what is called responsibility."

Cook County Assessor’s Office confirms Obama committed real estate and tax fraud in Rezko deal

11th Circuit Court Rules
Obamacare Individual Mandate Unconstitutional


UK: Riots without responsibility
"Word up, kids – smashing up your neighbor's business or setting fire to someone's home is pure criminality. "

~ Reporter refuses to believe London store owner wasn’t attacked by white people

~ Black parents: hitting the streets of London.

British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse.
"This isn’t the first time the British government ordered the seizure of its people’s deposits. Back in June 2008, 1 year after the global economic crisis began, police armed with automatic weapons were ordered by Gordon Brown to seize (to take by force) thousands of deposit boxes, ranging from small book-sized boxes to large walk-in safes in a string of west London raids." via wideawakenews

elsewhere in N.London: Urban beekeeping:
the latest big environmental movement



Prayers for the Dying