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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I told my wife I would die for this issue. The Constitution and our country are worth it. " Air Force Staff Sergeant Moran

"Tomorrow I'm not reporting for work again, and it is simply because B. Obama is a criminal. I am praying and marshalling all of my strength to resist. Yet, I told my wife I would die for this issue. The Constitution and our country are worth it. I only hope to tell people of the Lord as this battle ensues."

Active Duty Staff Sergeant Moran’s interview with Dr., Pastor from The MANNING REPORT!

Obama Omits Barbary War in Iftar Party Speech
via chinaconfidential

More on Islam and African slavery.
In case anyone remains unconvinced.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Islam
but were too politically correct to ask.

Union Workers Of The Day
"Think of all the construction sites with workers standing around, multiply that by several hundred at any given time around the country, and remember that the next time you see unions protesting because enough is never enough."

More on the Philadelphia riots
"Some seriously messed up things are happening to my site today. This is the third time I have attempted to post this video,"

Black teen flash mobs are racist in nature,
so why aren't they being reported as such?
"The attacks are clearly racially motivated. It's pathetic that I have to do the job and report what the national media won't report. They don't want to report what the red blazing neon sign in the room reads, the teenagers committing these racial attacks are "BLACK"! "

A refreshing look at British anti-riot activities

Excellent speech at EDL demo yesterday

Mexico now in ‘undeclared civil war’ with drug gangs-
death toll tops 50,000

Syria's navy 'shells port town of Latakia'
'Syrian ships shelled the Mediterranean port city of Latakia, activists reported on Sunday, as President Bashar al-Assad used the navy to attack his own people for the first time.'


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