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Monday, July 25, 2011

Producing food without government interference, & food as a weapon

'...encouraging the production and consumption of locally grown produce, dairy products, meats and more, which advocates say is critical to the survival of individual humans and society at large.'

Ethiopia Gov seizes prime ag land; leases it to multinationals for export

Inside the medicinal garden
via Foodfreedom

6 Ways Food is Being Used as a Weapon

Chesapeake 'Dead Zone' Could Be Largest Ever
Marine life threatened in oxygen-starved portion of bay


Marcellus Shale Hydrofracking Surface Water Impacts


The Face of Treason: Clarity

Is Obama a pathological liar?
“The White House had already agreed to a lower revenue number — to be generated through economic growth and a more efficient tax code — and then it tried to change the terms of the deal after taking heat from Democrats on Capitol Hill,”

Feds Silent on How Convicted Felons Bought Guns in 'Operation Fast and Furious'

Obama's Loaded Gun
'Obama’s leverage right now on this issue is default and withholding entitlements checks; the “Full Faith and Credit Act” takes those threats off the table by prioritizing how revenue is spent, and a mere short-term extension with $400 billion of immediate cuts will provide both houses the time to enact a long-term measure that adheres to the principles of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”'

More Shades Of TARP In Latest Deficit Ceiling Plan

'The truth is, we are never permitted to contemplate the truth about race and crime. Most interracial crime involves blacks harming whites, and federal statistics show that blacks commit more hate crimes than whites. '

* * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * **** * *** * *

"A Socialist is a Socialist. Do not let the Marxist media confuse you about "left or right", because they are THE SAME. The leftards go ballistic when I say this, but it is true. You bastards are no different than Anders Behring Breivik, the lunatic in Norway. Many Americans embraced Fascism as well as Communism until Hitler invaded "Mother Russia".
Was Hitler "right wing" or just "further left" than the communists? Hitler and Stalin were ALLIES and the leftards love to hide this little detail when they speak about WW II.
Stalin supplied the Nazi's with food needed to fuel their march across Europe (this little detail is left out of many history lessons). Many historians believe that Stalin cleverly wanted Hitler to burn out his troops, because he knew that war with Germany was inevitable one day. Hitler was a fanatic and he was not about to share world domination with a bunch of drunken Russian communists.
The Norway killer allegedly was part of a Nazi Progressive group. The key word is "Progressive". The communists want warfare based on "wealth and class"; whereas the Nazi's want warfare based on "race". That is the man difference. The Communists want to cleanse the classes and religion. The Fascists want to cleanse the races. They are both evil...very simple.
The media is also trying to paint the suspected Norway killer as a Christian and that is just to blur the Muslim link to terrorism. Islam and the "International left" are allies in this war against Capitalism. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to go kill a bunch of children at a summer camp. "

Steve Cooper @ The Conservative Monster.com

“It’s like blaming the Beatles. It’s patently ridiculous.”...

"I don’t know who the NYT hires to be its “analysts”, but we have our own team, the guys I call “the Scandinavian Gang of Five” — Fjordman, Henrik, Reinhard, Kitman, and KGS. Collectively they are fluent in English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, and several other European languages." better described as “America’s Propaganda Organ for the Progressive Trans-Nationalists”.


"Dear children! May this time be for you a time of prayer and silence. Rest your body and spirit, may they be in God’s love. Permit me, little children, to lead you, open your hearts to the Holy Spirit so that all the good that is in you may blossom and bear fruit one hundred fold. Begin and end the day with prayer with the heart. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Our Lady of Medjugorje's July 25, 2011 Monthly Message