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Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Flying Spaghetti Monster in Heaven, does this troll have a reset button?'

Second 6 + magnitude earthquake strikes near Sendai Japan in 24 hours

This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body’s Toxins
6 Health Conditions Chlorella May Help Prevent or Treat

"It has been a recurring pattern that the most dramatic of conclusions arrived by the IPCC, are shown to arise from unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims in literature put out by environmental pressure groups. The latest addition to the list is the Greenpeace-generated factoid that ‘80% of the world’s energy demand could be met by renewable sources’ which found its way onto the IPCC pedestal."
via wattsupwiththat

accuweather / National Live Feed

Fracking Nonsense
'Hydraulic fracturing, you may recall, is a particularly insidious way of extracting natural gas. You don't just drill a hole, as you might when drilling for crude oil. You pump water loaded with sand and chemicals at high pressure into the shale formation below. The liquid fractures the rock formation and it releases the gas. The polluted water comes up and if not disposed of on-site has to be treated by sending it to municipal sewage systems, which weren't built to treat water laced with the types of chemicals used in the fracking process. In addition, the process is likely to taint the water with radioactive materials such as radium.'

Freak storms continue around the world

Feet burning after walking on beach with tar balls



Citizens’ Anger Mounts as Congressmen Do Nothing About Obama’s Abuses and Usurpations
"Mr. Cassidy, the law is the law unless or until it is repealed, amended or replaced. Barack Obama is not a natural-born Citizen and thus not eligible to even run for President. How do you square in your own mind someone who seeks to take advantage of only parts of the law while fully ignoring other parts? Is that OK with you? Because if it is, then you should resign immediately! We don’t need cafeteria Constitutionalists in Washington. Don’t you understand that we are talking about the survival of our country? This man is hell-bent on destroying America. He has posted a forged birth certificate on a government website. Not one expert has come forth to declare this document genuine. Not one. "

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Norway Youth Camp had a boycott Israel rally
"They were being brainwashed at this Progressive indoctrination camp." "the Facebook page of Anders Behring Breivik has been shown to be a fake. Someone updated it with “Christian Conservative” AFTER a PDF was snapped Jul 23 01:39 GMT. So Anders Behring Breivik logged on and updated his Facebook page AFTER he gunned down the children to tell everyone that he was “Christian Conservative”? The more likely scenario is that the Facebook alteration was part of a leftist smear campaign. Obviously by someone who had access to Breivik’s password, and perhaps connected to all the murders and terrorism." Fritz Katz

LGF is tying the Norwegian shooter to Pamela Geller and Fjordman. #comment-821135

the thoughts and words of a madman, edited only for their relevance to Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs.
'Flying Spaghetti Monster in Heaven,
does this troll have a reset button?' #207

'Did Johnson influence Anders Behring Breivik? Assuming that the “Manifesto” is legitimate, the answer is YES, WITHOUT A DOUBT.'
"Charles’ own words and his LGF threads were linked many more times than Geller’s AtlasShrugs posts were, yet Chuck used that as a weapon against Pamela Geller and others."

Israel offers aid to Norway after massacre

meanwhile in America: 20,000 Troops To Deploy In CONUS For Civil Unrest – Possible Threats To Populace


Humanae Vitae, perhaps the most controversial encyclical ever, released 43 years ago this summer

"the recognition of the dignity of all life from natural conception to natural death. "

"Catholic teaching affirms that the human soul is our life principle at the center of our being, the place where our intellect and will reside. Knowing, choosing, willing, and loving all take place within the soul. The human soul is completely invisible, immaterial, and spiritual. It cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or touched by any physical, material thing."
The Interior Life of Prayer / The Presence of God