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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Executive Order #13575, the final nail in our coffin, & 'Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Cars...'

River in Costa Rica disappears following earthquake swarm


'The Obama cabal appears to be placing the final nail in our coffins. With the issuance of the unconstitutional White House Executive Order #13575, Obama is taking control of all aspects of food, energy and fiber in rural America—the areas that did not vote for Obama. So, Obama now effectively controls our ability to eat and use electricity. Will Congress ever step up and stop these atrocities and treasons committed by the tyrant?
The answer appears to be a resounding “NO!” '


"This stinks to high heaven and one of the smells coming off of this shady, crooked little deal smells like who? You guessed it, the Food Czar or you may like Der Food Fuhrer, Michael Taylor. He’s just the little goose stepper who could pull this counterfeit Catch 22 out of his you know where (rhymes with grass).

I have commented on this creature before but it needs repeating so you know what you are dealing with. He is a former multiple employee of Monsanto, that is when he is not working for Monsanto within the FDA (where else).

So Obama appointed him Der Food Fuhrer though he doesn’t know zip about food or nutrition. So what does Mikie know that got him this Obama appointment? Mikie knows how to pull off fraudulent, loop hole, word spins like this one in order to create the fascist ideal, the control of food, his track record is below."

Dr. Paul Blake, N.D. @ foodfreedom

Light Bulb Ban Repeal Fails In House

Homeland Security gives MTA 10$ Million Dollars for Psyops Ad Campaign.
"This latest ad-campaign is a brilliant attempt to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the American Public. One will see the genius behind the psychological operation in the videos bellow. These videos are meant to scare the public into turning on their neighbors and other fellow countrymen."

that declared state of emergency in Quartzsite, Arizona
" "I'm going to tell you frankly, this council is out of control," Foster said. "The chief has been out of control for some time and I've asked the state government to help a number of times," to no avail. Foster described the government and Gilbert as corrupt and abusive of their power, and said all their recent actions are frantic efforts to cover up millions of dollars of money from lining some of their pockets."

American Hellholes

How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps

Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Cars, In Tent Cities Or On The Streets

THE ARROGANCE OF OBAMA: The Deficit President Doesn't Care About Your Opinion On The Debt Ceiling

Chris Whalen: "Geithner Is Wrong! There Is No Downside To Not Raising The Debt Ceiling" (Video)

High-level Engineer & State Programmer Identifies Template for Obama's Forged Birth Certificate:
Nordyke Birth Certificates Used


“I have little question that as long as this president is in the Oval Office a real solution is probably unattainable,”
McConnell said in a hard-hitting speech on the Senate floor.
"If you pull a stunt like stopping or delaying veterans disability checks or seniors social security checks which a lot of people depend on as their only meager source of income, you just may light a fire that you won’t be able to put out, and it may burn your phony butt to a crisp."


"I don’t know if you are aware, but Jakov and I have received a great grace. Our Lady has taken us by our hands and took us, with our bodies to see Heaven, Purgatory and hell. We were in the house of Jakov and Our Lady appeared to us. The first thing She said was, “Now you are going to go with me.” In those moments, when Our Lady appeared and She said She was going to take hold of us, Jakov said immediately, “Our Lady, please take Vicka, she has eight brothers and sisters, I’m the only child.” He thought we were going to go and not come back ever. In those moments, I was thinking, “My God, how long are we going to have to travel? Do we go up? Do we go down?” Our Lady only took me by my right hand and Jakov by his left hand. She was in front of us and She only took us up. The ceiling opened just enough for us to go through. Within a second, we were in Paradise. We were able to see a huge space. We were able to see the light that does not exist here in this world. ... The people were singing and praising the Lord. Our Lady showed us and said to us, “Look how joyful people here are.” It was a joy that was indescribable, a joy that does not exist here in this world.

Purgatory was another huge space, but in Purgatory you could not see people. You were only able to see a big space. You could hear how people were suffering. Our Lady said these people who are there in Purgatory are expecting our prayers to be able to go to Heaven. When we came to hell, we were able to see a big fire there. Then, we were able to see the people before entering the fire were looking like human beings, but upon entering the fire, they were no longer the same. They were like beasts, like animals. There was screaming all over the place. Our Lady said those people who are in hell are there because of their own will. Our Lady said those people who are living here on earth as if God doesn’t exist, who are doing everything against God, are living in hell already here. When they die, they just continue that.

Our Lady said that there are so many people who live here on earth, who are thinking when they die, everything finishes. Our Lady said that is the biggest mistake. We are all passengers here. When we die, our life continues."
Talk from Medjugorje Visionary Vicka – June 1, 2011